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No more spreadsheets

Save company time.

Manage employee holidays and absence online with just a few clicks. Accessible from anywhere, any time, on any device.

Cut the cost of
sick days

Reduce unplanned and unregistered absence.

Record and monitor all staff absence. Identify problems and take effective action.

Make HR

Automate HR processes.

Easily set-up new staff and calculate holiday allowances automatically. Introduce absence policies with email alerts.

Save company

Simplify your system.

Cloud-based software requires no installation, additional hardware or training. Integrates with Outlook, Google calendar and intranets.


Reduction in sickness absence

• Simplifying attendance tracking

TeamSeer drastically simplifies absence management and many of our customers see significant reduction in employee absence.


Reduction in HR burden

• Less admin time

HR teams, employees and managers all see significant reduction in admin time when using TeamSeer.

We help organisations of all types and all sizes

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Now our sickness management is so much more targeted and effective because we have access to data we never had before.

Beckie Akers - HR Manager

Publicis Group UK

Over 100,000

users worldwide find life easier with TeamSeer.


Securely access TeamSeer from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Commtech Group

Our admin burden has been greatly reduced since we started using TeamSeer.

Jeremy Tutt, Financial Director

The Commtech Group

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