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Employees still working even when sick, report reveals

March 5th 2012

A recent article by Personnel Today has highlighted the trend in employees attending the workplace when sick.  The reports, produced by Lancaster University and also Nuffield Health, state that as many as 80% of employees surveyed are continuing to attend the workplace despite being ill, with the obvious negative effects on health and productivity.  Over half are attending with a highly contagious illness such as a cold or influenza.

One of the key recommendations of the report is to use technology to monitor trends and detect or address the situation early.  That’s where TeamSeer can come in!  TeamSeer maintains a real-time record of all absence across the organisation providing managers with powerful absence tracking intelligence. The sickness reporting facility, with its built-in Bradford Factor, helps identify absence issues with individuals, and compare sickness levels and costs across teams.  Review the other business benefits of TeamSeer here.

You can read the full Personnel Today article here.

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